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 Come and play with our resident pugs, enjoy our pug-themed smoothies, cocktails, hot drinks and cakes. Watch out for our special events including Cocktail evenings, Puppy days and Holiday specials.

You don't need a pug to visit, but if you bring your pug, use code PUGPALS to get 50% OFF one ticket.

How to Book

Entry is charged at £15 per person for a one hour session with the pugs. During this time you're able to buy pug themed food and drink as well as treats for the pugs including our Pupuccino, strawberry bowl, lollies and pug donuts.

We only allow a specific number of  people per session to enhance the experience and not to overwhelm the pugs. 

Children under 5 are free

(one per paying adult).

To book more than six people contact us directly:


Thursday - Saturday    11am-7pm 

Sunday:  11am-6pm

1 hour booking

£15 per person

Children under 5 go free

Fully accessible

You don't need a pug to come in for a hug. Come and visit our resident pugs and pug pals whilst you enjoy a pug themed smoothie and cupcake. You can feed the pugs treats, watch them do tricks and play in the ball pit with them. 

Tips for visiting:

Morning sessions the pugs are more playful but might not necessarily sit on laps.

Afternoon and evening sessions, they're more likely to sit on your lap for cuddles.

They're always playful and energetic, but if one is having a rest,

feel free to stroke it in the bed.

They always love being bought treats.

Look for the small tennis balls to play with. 

Sitting on the floor is the best way of getting their attention.

Who do the pugs belong to?

The resident pugs are owned by Co-founders Aaron & Matthew. They're mostly rescue pugs who all live together. They have their own bedroom where they all sleep together (when they don't make it onto the bed). 

Each pug has their own personality, character and charisma. Some enjoy play time more than others, other prefer cuddles on a lap. They all enjoy being given treats from customers. 

CuppaPug Manchester

       Thursday, Friday, Saturday    11am-7pm

Sunday 11am - 6pm

Maximum 20 people per session

1 hour booking

£15 per person

Fully accessible

The news is out, and the excitement is building – CuppaPug is set to open its doors in Manchester on Friday, 1st March! Prepare for a

pug-tastic experience like no other, as we bring you a blend of adorable pugs, pug-themed drinks and snacks, and an atmosphere that will warm your heart.

Get ready to secure your spot at the most anticipated pug event in Manchester! Bookings for CuppaPug will open on 1st February, giving you the chance to reserve your seat for an unforgettable time surrounded by charming pugs and delightful treats.

A Pug's Playground

The space is designed with pugs in mind to play, feel safe and enjoy their environment. Allowing the pugs to engage when they choose to without feeling intimidated. 

Puppy Days

London Puppy Weekends:

May 11th, 12th, 18th, 19th, 25th, 26th

June 1st, June 2nd


Manchester Puppy Weekends:

May 25th, 26th

June 1st, 2nd, 8th, 9th, 15th, 16th

Get ready to experience the cutest and most fun-filled day ever with CuppaPug's Puppy Days! We're excited to bring you adorable French Bulldog and Pug puppies from our partner, Pearl's Legacy,  a responsible and registered breeder.

Join us for a day of playtime, cuddles, and maybe even some puppy kisses. Ok - lots of puppy kisses. Our puppy days are perfect for pug lovers who want to meet other pug enthusiasts and make new friends while surrounded by the cutest puppies you've ever seen. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to be a part of a pug-tastic day!  All children are paying attendees for these sessions.

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