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You don't need a pug to come in for a hug

 Come and  you can play with our resident pugs, enjoy our pug-themed smoothies, hot drinks and cakes.

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You don't need your own pug, come and meet the six resident pugs and pug pals.

They'll want to play with you in the ball pit, sit on your lap as you drink your smoothie and feed them yummy treats as they show you their tricks. 

A Pug's Playground

Book in Advance

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The space is designed with pugs in mind to play, feel safe and enjoy their environment. Allowing the pugs to engage when they choose to without feeling intimidated. 

They love the ball pit, sitting on your lap and pug rubs. The seating allows you to be at their level.


We limit bookings to 8 people every 30-minutes in hour slots. This is so we can manage the welfare of the pugs.


We allow walk ins should there be availability. 

Our Menu

We have a selection of teas, coffees and pug-themed smoothies. 

Our fresh menu changes daily but includes toasties, cupcakes and cookies. 

We also have a fresh food dog menu including fruits and raw meat you can buy to treat the pugs.

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Kids Go Free

Children under 5 have free entry with a paying adult.

No need to add them to the booking. 


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All the pugs are our own

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Adopt a Pug

The resident pugs have grown up together all their lives. They sleep in our bed, share the same toys and play together all the time. They really are a pug grumble. 

We've partnered with the National Pug Protection Trust. They'll regularly be at the cafe with pugs that need adopting. 

You can speak to them about pug needs and 10% of all entry fees goes towards  the rescue and re-homing of pugs.

Have your Birthday at CuppaPug

Available for private hire in hour slots, you can book CuppaPug for your birthday which includes a hot food buffet, pug cake and of course...all the pugs!

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Coming Soon

Coming soon to CuppaPug. 

Pug Lates, evening sessions with servings of exclusive cocktails and our very own CuppaPug beer.

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