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Meet Our Resident Pugs

We love our pugs and one of the reasons for opening CuppaPug was to be able to spend more time with them and keep them stimulated. If you have a pug you know how needy they can be.

Gaston 2023 CuppaPug.png


The O.G, he is seven years old and loves his comforts. He'll sit on your lap and sleep, he has to be right next to you. If you say to him 'where's your ball?' he will leap to life and start looking for it whilst barking. He also barks when the others start to play fight as if to tell them off. He needs constant attention, love and reassuarance.

Gaston has recently had to have his eye removed, but he's even more loveable for it.

Bruce 2023 CuppaPug.png


Our little own private security. Bruce (named after Bruce Wayne) a little rocket. Bruce was rescued from an abandoned puppy farm, he loves to run, like really run!! He can often be found barking at the waves, running after the much faster dogs in the park OR sleeping on his back between the pillows. He loves his belly rubs and will be the first to sit on your lap when you come in.

He loves to play with tiny toys that resemble mice on the floor.

Bowser 2023 CuppaPug.png


Bowser OR 'Baby Bowser' (named after the Mario villian) is our cute little platinum coloured pug. He's super friendly, independent, but secretly a little baby. He loves to get under the covers or snuggle his head into your arm. He is a ladies man though and will go after any girl in the park.

Watch the cream on your hot chocolate, gone in 6-seconds when Bowser's around!

G1zmo 2023 CuppaPug.png


Gizmo is our pink pug. Named after Gremlins he certainly lives up to the name. He can't miss anything and he's another pug who you'll either find under your feet or exploring just out of your eye line of sight. We rescued Gizmo when it was discovered he had a heart murmur. But you'd never know, this little super-charged battery will keep you on your toes.

He can be a bit nervous, the best way to get his attention is to sit on the floor and wait for him to come to you, failing that...TREATS!

Bebé 2023 CuppaPug.png


Sister to Gizmo, Bebé is super independent. She loves her zoomies, her mummy and her treats. But she'll happily take herself off to bed. She has so much energy and is the most playful dog at doggy day care. When she gets together with her brothers she's even more energetic, but could you resist that cute face with her tongue sticking out?

Beau 2023 CuppaPug.png


Adopted Beau from the National Pug Protection Trust. He has epilepsy and had multiple homes before being rescued. This loveable pug enjoys licking your ears, cuddles and running like you wouldn't believe. He's absolutely adorable and has settled in with the pugs so quickly, it's as if we always had him. 

Warning! He loves giving big wet kisses and will come for your coffee!

Baloo 2023 CuppaPug.png

Baloo, 18 months

Our newest addition, Baloo - named after The Jungle Book for his colouring. Is a super active puppy exploring the world with lots of firsts happening in the cafe. His a boisterous character makes him a great fit for the grumble. He does get super excited at other pugs coming into the cafe and can get over excited when eating treats; as a new puppy we're ensuring he has enough rest time.

Gunn website.png

Gunn, 10 months

We recently rehomed Gunn, who we are convinced is mixed with a Hyena. He's super energetic, very curious, full of play and a love for the girls! He's a very unique merle pug with the most amazing blue eyes. He loves a cuddle but not for long before he's running around like a little Tazmanian Devil! He's now starting to learn tricks for treats which is alway a fun watch!

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