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Welcome to CuppaPug

A permanent cafe for pug lovers, where you can book in some time with our resident pugs. Play with them, hug them and learn about pugs, support them through our charity partners. Enjoy our pug themed smoothies; coffees, teas and yummy cakes - most importantly being in the company of our friendly pugs.  


The resident pugs are our own pets, we welcome other pugs and their hoomans, as well as pug admirers who just want to be around a grumble (that's the multiple of pug).

The space is designed with pugs in mind to play, feel safe and enjoy their environment. Feel free to sit on the floor or the raised stepped seating. Designed in mind for the pugs to engage when they choose to without feeling intimidated. 

Booking a visit

book visit

​We charge entry to the pug cafe in order to provide the pugs with the best environment possible. By charging a fee, we are able to support their unique health needs as rescue pugs and ensure that they receive the necessary care and attention they deserve. Additionally, the entry fee helps us in supporting pug charities, allowing us to contribute to the welfare and well-being of pugs beyond our café.


Your contribution not only allows you to enjoy the company of these adorable pugs but also plays a vital role in creating a positive impact on their lives and the pug community as a whole.During our soft launch, we are limiting entry to 8 people every 30-minutes with 60-minute time slots. So there will only every be 12 people at any one time. There may be the opportunity to extend your visit. 


During certain times you’ll see the pugs train, sleep (do not disturb them), play, zoom around and try their best to eat your cake!


We open Thursday - Sunday 11:00am - 7pm (last booking is 6pm). 


Private bookings for birthday parties in our exclusive event space, events and socials can be arranged in and out of hours.


All children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult. Children are included in our entry limit and fees. Children under 5 are free.

Bring your own pug and use code PUGPALS to get 50% OFF one ticket, when you bring your pug.

pug rules

Pug Rules

pug smoothie.png
  • This is the Pug’s space first, you are their guests.

  • Despite plenty of walks, pugs wee, we’ll clean it up. 

  • Please ensure our pugs are free to make their own choices at all times.

  • All belongings are brought at your own risk. 

  • Feel free to take photos and videos of the pugs with the flash off.

  • The pugs will want to sit on your lap and be hugged. Please do not stand up whilst holding a pug.

  • Supervise children at all times. If you have a problem telling your child off, we wont. :) 

  • There may be an opportunity to buy the pugs treats. 

  • Be cautious of loud noises and over excitement.

  • Please do not feed the pugs (despite the look they will give you that they've never been fed)

  • You cannot bring your own treats to feed the pugs.

  • Please take good care of your food, especially chocolate as it will make the dogs ill.

  • Be gentle with the pugs. Do not pull their tails or disturb them if they are sleeping.

Our Mission Statement

We recognise that pugs are a desirable breed and we’ve made it our mission to educate our customers and followers with what it takes to look after pugs. We work with The National Pug Protection Trust to raise funds for rescues, medical care, fostering and adopting pugs looking for their forever home. It is our mission to influence customers to foster and adopt instead of buying puppies. Customers can apply with us to foster and adopt. We recognise breeding and amplify a message of responsible breeding. 

Read our animal welfare statement

Pug Life

We love our pugs and opened CuppaPug in order to spend everyday with them. Our pug’s happiness and well being is our top priority. It’s a misconception that pugs are lazy - this is not the case. Our pugs get plenty of walks in the local park next to the cafe and enjoy lots of stimulation and activity. 


Pugs are notorious for being very greedy so we make sure they have a balanced diet and through training, enjoy a structured routine and discipline. Not to mention the very best veterinary care and grooming.


Our pugs go home when we do and enjoy a restful evening on our sofa. No pugs are left on the premises unattended at any point. Their days off are spend by the sea.

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