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Contact Us


5 Ability Plaza, Arbutus Street,


E8 4DT

07463 567 890 

If you have questions specific to our London cafe:


220 Chapel Street


M3 5LE

07362 718 238

If you have questions specific to our Manchester cafe:

We are open

Thursday - Saturday: 11am - 7pm (last booking is 6pm)

Sunday: 11am - 6pm

Bring your pug and use code PUGPALS to get 50% OFF one ticket on your booking when you bring a pug.

We do allow other small breeds, that are well behaved. This is on the expectation that if they are aggressive or disruptive, they will be asked to leave.

Please read our 'Pug Rules' before attending.

You can contact us via Whatsapp to discuss your booking. 

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