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Meet Winnie, affectionately known as Win or Winniepops, the resilient matriarch whose spirit shines bright despite the challenges she's faced. Joining our family in February 2023 alongside her daughter Prudence, Winnie's journey to us was marked by a need for love and care that we were more than happy to provide. With her endearing personality and unwavering spirit, Winnie quickly captured our hearts, proving that love knows no bounds – even in the face of adversity.


Born into a household unable to meet her needs, Winnie's early years were marred by trauma, including a harrowing attack that left her with lasting injuries. Though the details remain shrouded in mystery, Winnie's resilience knows no bounds, as evidenced by her remarkable recovery and unwavering spirit.


Despite her tumultuous past, Winnie exudes warmth and affection, eagerly showering her loved ones with cuddles and kisses at every opportunity. Whether she's snuggled up on the couch or carrying her beloved squeaky donut around the house, Winnie's gentle nature and playful spirit never fail to bring joy to those around her.


Winnie's journey with us hasn't been without its challenges, as she's undergone multiple surgeries to address issues with her eyes, including eyelash problems and a melting eye ulcer. Yet, through it all, Winnie has remained steadfast in her resilience, emerging stronger and more determined than ever before.


At 7 years young, Winnie embodies the spirit of youth, running around with the energy and enthusiasm of a puppy, especially when the promise of treats or meal times is in the air. She revels in the simple pleasures of life, from long walks in the great outdoors to cozy sleepovers at Frankie and Lola's house, where she's pampered and made to feel like royalty.


As part of our family, Winnie enjoys a diet of raw food, with meal times tailored to suit her preferences and dietary needs. While she may not boast a wide array of tricks, Winnie's ability to spin at the mere mention of food speaks volumes about her intelligence and playful nature.


With her gentle demeanor and unwavering loyalty, Winnie enriches our lives in ways we never thought possible. Whether she's curled up at our feet or bounding through the fields with unbridled joy, Winnie's presence is a constant reminder of the resilience of the human – and canine – spirit. So, if you happen upon Winnie on your adventures, prepare to be enchanted by her unwavering spirit and boundless capacity for love. After all, she's not just a pug – she's Winnie, the epitome of strength, resilience, and unwavering love.

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