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Meet Walle, the adorable escapade enthusiast with a heart as big as his love for cuddles. At just 1 year and 9 months young, Walle has already embarked on quite the adventure, Walle's journey with us began when he was just 5 months old, without even his jabs yet, and we spent the first month hanging out indoors, getting to know each other. 


This pint-sized bundle of joy is little and excitable, always ready to shower us with kisses and cuddles as he follows us around the house like our loyal shadow. A true escape artist, Walle has a knack for finding adventure, whether it's sneaking out for impromptu walks in the park or chasing bubbles with gleeful abandon. One of his favorite pastimes is watching the ducks in the park behind our house, where he'll sit transfixed, mesmerized by their graceful movements.


Despite his clumsy tendencies on our wooden floors, Walle is always eager to join us on our outings, even accompanying us on shopping sprees where he happily lounges in the trolley, offering his expert opinion on our purchases. When it comes to playtime, Walle enjoys a game of tug of war with his favorite toys, cuddling up for some quality snuggle time, or showing off his impressive repertoire of tricks, including high five, fist bump, please, dance, and paw.


In terms of his needs, Walle is a vocal communicator, tapping at our legs or barking to let us know when he needs something, whether it's a wee, a walk, or just some playtime. He's also accustomed to asking for treats or initiating play with a tap, and if he gets overexcited, he has a unique circle dance to help him calm down. On walks, Walle is a responsible pooper, always doing at least two poos and circling loads before doing his business, earning himself a tasty treat afterward.


With his playful spirit and loving nature, Walle adds endless joy and laughter to our lives, reminding us to embrace every moment with enthusiasm and affection. So, if you ever have the pleasure of meeting Walle on your travels, be prepared for a delightful adventure filled with love, laughter, and maybe even a few surprise bubbles along the way!

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