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Meet Prudence, affectionately known as Pru Pru, the gentle soul with a heart as big as her love for belly tickles. Joining our family in February 2023 alongside her devoted mum Winnie, Prudence's journey to us was marked by a need for love and attention that we were more than happy to provide. With her endearing personality and affectionate nature, Prudence quickly became an integral part of our lives, spreading joy and laughter wherever she goes.


Born into a household unable to meet their needs, Prudence and Winnie found solace in our home, where they were showered with the care and attention they deserved. Prudence, in particular, emerged as a beacon of love, expressing her affection through copious amounts of kisses that leave no cheek or hand untouched. Prepare to be smothered in love when Pru Pru is around!


But it's not just kisses that Prudence excels in – she's also a connoisseur of belly tickles, eagerly lying on her back in anticipation of some well-deserved affection. Her love knows no bounds, and she'll gladly reciprocate any gesture of affection with a wag of her tail and a grateful smile.


Like her brother Derek, Prudence shares a fascination with birds, often joining in his spirited barking as they watch the avian antics from afar. But amidst her playful nature lies a gentle spirit, one that thrives on companionship and human connection.


Prudence's carefree attitude extends to her walks, where she navigates the world with grace and poise, unfazed by any potential distractions or challenges. With her needs met and her heart full, Prudence embodies the true essence of love and devotion, reminding us of the joy that comes from giving and receiving unconditional affection.


As part of our family, Prudence enjoys a diet of raw food, with meal times tailored to suit her preferences and dietary needs. While she may not boast a repertoire of tricks like her siblings, Prudence's ability to spin and her unwavering love for belly tickles speak volumes about her intelligence and playful nature.


With her gentle demeanor and unwavering loyalty, Prudence enriches our lives in ways we never thought possible. Whether she's curled up at our feet or frolicking in the sunshine, Pru Pru's presence is a constant source of joy and inspiration, reminding us of the power of love and the beauty of simple pleasures. So, if you happen upon Prudence on your adventures, prepare to be enchanted by her gentle spirit and boundless capacity for love. After all, she's not just a pug – she's Pru Pru, the heartwarming embodiment of love and affection.

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