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Introducing Frankie, the laid-back charmer with a heart of gold and an infectious zest for life. Born in Poland and joining my life at the tender age of 4 months, Frankie's journey to becoming an integral part of our family has been marked by love, companionship, and a few unexpected adventures along the way.


From the moment Frankie arrived, it was clear that he was destined to be a source of joy and comfort, not just for me, but also for his adoring sister Lola. Frankie's calm and caring demeanor served as a beacon of light for Lola, encouraging her to overcome her fears and embrace the world with newfound confidence.


Despite being the picture of tranquility, Frankie is a playful and loving soul who delights in cuddles and affectionate pats, especially when he's sprawled out on your lap like a contented child. While he may not be the most vocal of pugs, Frankie's expressive eyes and gentle nature speak volumes, captivating all who have the pleasure of meeting him.


Like his sister Lola, Frankie is a natural in front of the camera, posing with grace and charm for every photo opportunity. His TikTok fame is a testament to his undeniable charisma and magnetic personality, attracting fans from far and wide with his endearing antics.


While Frankie may be laid-back by nature, he does have a few quirks, including a dislike for loud noises like cutlery or gates, which may stem from his time spent in Poland before his arrival. He's also a bit jumpy at sudden loud sounds, but his caring and loving nature shine through, providing comfort and reassurance during moments of unease.


In terms of training, Frankie is a quick learner, capable of performing an array of tricks including giving paw, sitting, high-fiving, and lying down – all in exchange for a tasty treat, of course. However, we've opted to avoid the spin trick due to his weight and a previous injury to his right leg, which we're careful to protect during playtime.


During walks, Frankie's friendly nature shines through as he eagerly greets everyone and every animal in sight, reveling in the attention and affection he receives from passersby. Despite his laid-back demeanor, Frankie's love for life is evident in every step he takes, reminding us to cherish each moment and embrace the joy that comes from simply being alive.


With his gentle spirit and unwavering loyalty, Frankie enriches our lives in ways we never thought possible. Whether he's lounging on the couch, playing tug of war, or simply basking in the love of his adoring fans, Frankie's presence is a constant source of comfort and joy, reminding us of the power of love and companionship. So, if you happen upon Frankie on your travels, be prepared to be enchanted by his easygoing charm and boundless affection. After all, he's not just a pug – he's Frankie, the lovable companion who steals hearts wherever he goes.

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