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What is CuppaPug?

CuppaPug is a permanent cafe for pug lovers, where you can book in some time with our resident pugs. Play with them, hug them and learn about pugs, support them through our Pug Charity Trust Partner.


Can I bring my dog?

Yes, we welcome other pugs and small dogs with their hoomans. Please do specify if you’ll be bringing your own pug as we have to limit the numbers in line with the well being of our own resident pugs. All pugs brought to CuppaPug should be well trained and good natured and monitored by their hoomans at all times. 

Can I bring my guide dog?

We do have to make special arrangements for a guide dog to come to the cafe; please email the cafe directly to discuss this further. Some of our rescue pugs are reactive to large dogs so we would need to plan the visit for the safety of all dogs. We do also have sensory sessions which allows us to tailor your visit with a guide dog. 


Why is it advised that I should make a booking?

We recommend booking ahead as the pug cafe has a limited number of spaces. Weekends can book up to a month in advance. While you could try a ‘drop-in’, the only way to guarantee your spot is to book in advance through our online booking. Bookings can be made here.

Demand is often high, so to avoid disappointment we recommend to book well in advance.

Where do the dogs come from?

The resident pugs are our own pets. We love our pugs and opened CuppaPug in order to spend everyday with them. Each of our pugs have their own personality, habits and needs. The majority of the pugs are rescues and rehomes.

How do you ensure the dog’s wellbeing in an environment with lots of people?

Our pug’s happiness and well being is our top priority. We limite the number of people in the session to maintain a calm environment for the pugs.  They will be taken on walks in the local park right next to the cafe for fresh air and time-out from zoomies. Our pugs can withdraw to a secluded area at any time where they have everything they need, this way their interaction with people is voluntary and on their own terms. Should we feel they need a time out, we also have a separate space we can take them to.

Is there anything to eat or drink at CuppaPug?

Yes, we offer a range of pug themed smoothies; coffees, teas and yummy cakes , pastries and  toasties. 

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